RACHAEL KANTARIS - About the Etching Process

At work in the Porthmeor Print workshop

1. The Porthmeor Print Workshop, St.Ives, Cornwall
Rachael helped to set up the workshop in 1995, and is now based there.

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Printing a Colour Etching

Etching is a process in which metal plates are "bitten" in acid using various acid resists to create marks and textures. Where the metal has been exposed to the acid the smooth surface is attacked, creating a texture which will hold ink.

Different areas are bitten on different plates in a way which will eventually (after much proofing and re-etching!) work together when layered one after the other onto paper.

Ink is buffed into the etched areas on all three plates in different colours and then printed onto dampened paper through an etching press.

The following photos show the printing of the colour etching Small Peach Big Blue, which is number 2 in the Etchings Gallery 3.

Rachael at work 2. Inking up an etching plate.

3. Blue hands
Inking up (not only the plate!).
Blue hands

Laying the dampened paper 4. Laying the dampened paper onto the first inked up plate.

5. Wheeling the paper, plus the plate, through the etching press. Wheeling the paper

Peel and peep 6. Peel and peep.

7. After the second plate has gone through. After the second plate

The third and final plate 8. Registering the third and final plate.

9. The final result of a three plate etching. The final result

Working with Willie 10. Working with Wilhelmina Barns-Graham in 1997. Rachael was her platemaker and printer and they made three large etchings together.

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